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SnowZone 2014 – der Berg groovt!

Les Deux Alpes - Aprés Ski im Schnee Der Berg groovt - genauer gesagt das ganze Bergmassiv rund um das französische Freeridemekka Les Deux Alpes.Vom 22.03. bis zum 29.03.2014 werden angesagte DJs, wie Ante Perry, Jaycut und Kolt Siewerts, Shelectric, P.A.C.O., Gastmannschaft DJ Team und Doppeljott, ihre Moonboots schnüren und ihre Plattenkoffer packen, um nach Les Deux Alpes zu pilgern.

Während der SnowZone versucht das Extreeme Team alle Möglichkeiten Partys, Spaß und den Adrenalin zu Steigern Freeride Touren in Les Deux Alpes ist gebucht! Wir versuchen täglich zu Berichten!



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Seb Toots Montreal snowboarding run [Snowboard]

Seb Toots Montreal snowboarding run from Seb Toots on Vimeo.

This is a video about Seb Toots doing a top to bottom run from the Mt.Royal (downtown montreal mountain)
Film made with Red Scarlet camera during 2 days of shooting !
Film and edit by : Sunset Films (Mathieu Cowan)
Twitter/Instagram: @sebtoots @sunsetfilms

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Celebrating of 3rd year in Kiteboarding of Paula Rosales

BLUSH #02 from paula rosales on Vimeo.

Celebrating my 3rd year in Kiteboarding, now riding for BEST Kiteboarding and the road to recovery of my dislocating shoulder BLUSH 02 shows you why i live here in Boracay and the fun stuff we do everyday together with my teammates Victoria Soloveykina and Helena Brochocka . The other facets of our life here in this little tropical island, aside from partying which we are known for, hope you like it and come ride with us in the Philippines X

Dec. 2011. Aaron Hadlow, Tom Court and Sam Light came to Boracay for a short visit before the WONW at Camsur Watersports Complex.
They asked me a question how can i live here?
And i was not able to answer.
on the same year, being in Boracay broke my heart, i was sure not to go back anymore but faith decided otherwise.


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Kims in Langenfeld at 6°C [Wakeboard]

Langenfeld 10.11.12 from eXtreeme Team on Vimeo.

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Glowing Man HD [Snowboard]

Glowing Man HD from Jacob Sutton on Vimeo.

Режиссер Jacob Sutton снял короткометражный фильм для журнала Nowness. Главную роль сыграл сноубордист William Hughes, а единственным источником света послужил костюм, покрытый множеством белых светодиодов. Для съёмки использовалась камера Red Epic . Место действия - французские Альпы.

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Bobby Brown | Solar System | terrain parks [SKI]

Bobby Brown | Solar System from UA MTN on Vimeo.

Private terrain parks, early morning snowmobile laps, and double corks make up the life of Bobby Brown as he gets ready for X Games in Breckenridge, Colorado. Take a look and listen in. → Headphones aren't mandatory, but are recommended.

Video → Michael Clarke

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Episode Six : Snowkiting Ragnarok

Episode Six : Snowkiting Ragnarok from naishkiteboarding on Vimeo.

Jo Wilson and Jalou Langeree fly to Ragnarok to be part of the Red Bull snowkiting event. The Ragnarok Red Bull event is one of the most extreme snowkiting races in the world. Wind, fog, snow and cold conditions are just part of the game...

Directed by: Craig Sawyer

Rush of Fools: Bonus Track
Jimmy Eat World: My Best Theory
Nero: Innocence

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A Walk in the Park - Tom Wallisch

A Walk in the Park - Tom Wallisch from Jiberish on Vimeo.

Longtime Jiberish snow Fam Tom Wallisch turned the freeskiing world upside down in 2007 with the edit he submitted for Level 1 productions "Superunknown" contest. He showcased an effortless and confident style of riding that had not been previously been seen.

5 years later we wanted to create a follow up to that edit so we enlisted the help of the very talented team at Stept Productions to shoot Tom at Breckenridge. Having the cinematography and editing match the level of riding was very important to us in planning this project. The toughest part was deciding what to cut to fit everything into a tidy 3 minutes.

We have always found common ground with Tom over the focus on style in every aspect of life. Enjoy the best doing what he does best.

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